Bleached Kraft Rolls

Bleached Kraft Product Image
30 lb. 3.9 mils 1000 - 1200 ft.
40 lb. 5.3 mils 750 - 900 ft.
50 lb. 6.3 mils 600 - 720 ft.
60 lb. 7.7 mils 500 - 600 ft.
per Skid
18" 15 lbs. 64
24" 20 lbs. 64
30" 25 lbs. 32
36" 30 lbs. 32
48" 40 lbs. 32
60" 50 lbs. 32
72" 60 lbs. 32

Product Description

Bleached kraft is just natural kraft paper that has been chemically treated to be white. Bleached kraft can be used when the brown colour of natural kraft is undesirable.


  • disposable table covers
  • wrapping packages
  • mural painting

Standard Rolls

All of our bleached kraft rolls have a 7.25" outer diameter and a 3" inner diameter with green end plugs. Since most applications do not require a core our standard rolls do not have a core. However, we stock cores and can produce rolls with a core upon your request.

We offer severals different grades of bleached kraft and we stock several roll widths for each grade, see the tables on the right.

The first table shows the grades of bleached kraft we offer, identified by basis weight. The grade directly relates to the thickness of the material and the approximate length of the roll. When ordering or asking questions please refer to the grade by basis weight. For example, 30 pound bleached kraft or DD30 bleached kraft.

The second table shows the standard widths we offer along with their corresponding weights and the number of rolls that we put on a full skid.

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