Blue Masking Paper Rolls

Blue Masking Product Image
per Skid
6" 5 lbs. call
12" 10 lbs. call
18" 15 lbs. 108
24" 20 lbs. 108
36" 30 lbs. 54

Product Description

Blue masking paper is used primarily in the automotive repair industry as a means of preventing certain parts from being painted. The paper consists of two separate sheets laminated together. The outer layer is newsprint, which is used to absorb paint overspray. While the inner layer is polyethylene which prevents paint from bleeding through.


  • automotive paint masking
  • paint masking

Standard Rolls

All of our blue masking rolls have a 6" outer diameter and a 3" inner diameter. Since most applications do not require a core our standard rolls do not have a core. However, we stock cores and can produce rolls with a core upon your request.

We stock rolls in several roll widths, see the table on the right for a listing. The table includes the weight of the roll and the number of rolls that we put on a full skid.

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