Butcher Wrap Rolls

Butcher Wrap Product Image
per Skid
15" 15 lbs. 96
18" 18 lbs. 96
24" 24 lbs. 64
30" 30 lbs. 32
36" 36 lbs. 32
48" 48 lbs. 32

Product Description

Butcher wrap is a red kraft paper used by the foodservice industry to wrap a variety of foods.


  • wrapping foods with little moisture content
  • wrapping foods that will not be frozen

Standard Rolls

Our butcher wrap rolls are 1050 ft in length. Our standard rolls have a 3" inner diameter core that is 1/16" thick and each roll is individually wrapped in a plastic bag.

We stock several widths of roll, see the table on the right for a listing. The table includes the weight of the roll and the number of rolls that we put on a full skid.

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