Custom Capabilities

We have 7 slitter-rewinders capable of producing a wide variety of counter roll products. Although we have refined our manufacturing processes to be optimal for our standard products, our machines and competent staff can accurately produce custom rolls of any dimensions.

A major cost in producing custom products is setup time. Consequently, these products will be priced in relation to quantities ordered. Furthermore, giving us more lead time will enable us to incorporate the manufacture of custom products into our production schedule with minimal setup cost.

Below is a listing of various dimensions along which customizations are possible. Please see counter roll terms and definitions in order to better understand some of the terminology used in specifying custom counter rolls.

Roll Widths

Depending on available supply we can produce rolls as narrow as 1" and as wide as 78". Moreover, we can make rolls of any width in this range within a tolerance of 1/16".

Outer Diameter

We have produced rolls with outer diameters ranging from 4" to 40".

Inner Diameter

Our machines are all optimized to run with a 3" inner diameter. We supply end plugs on all of our rolls which have a 1" inner diameter hole for compatibility with most roll dispensers. We have, on occasion, produced rolls of other inner diameters. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will try our best to address them.

Roll Length

We can make rolls to a specific length, but we generally discourage this as grade fluctuations in paper lead to variations in outer diameter. This leads to less secure skids for transport and less consistent product appearance. If a specific roll length is desired we prefer to calculate the approximate outer diameter associated with it and quote on that.

Grade / Thickness

Several standard thicknesses of paper are available for many of our products. Varying the thickness of a material is beyond our capabilities as we do not produce the material itself. However, we may be able to source a special grade of paper for you and convert it. Please contact us with your specific requirements.


Most of our standard products are coreless. However, we do stock 3" inner diameter cores with thicknesses of 1/16", 1/8" and 1/2".

End Plugs

We insert plugs into the ends of all of our rolls. This provides structural support for the rolls and is especially important for coreless rolls. The end plugs have an inner diameter of 1" which makes our rolls compatible with most roll dispensers. If rolls are ordered with cores, the plugs may be left out upon customer request.