Counter Rolls Terms and Definitions

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Inner Diameter

The inner diameter of our products is a fixed value of 3". However, our end plugs have a 1" inner diameter which enables compatibility with most roll dispensers. We may be able to support other inner diameters for our customers but our machines are optimized for 3" and additional costs may apply.

Outer Diameter

The outer diameter of our rolls is an important measure. Each of our products has a standard outer diameter. All paper has a tolerance in the thickness of the sheet, which means roll lengths will vary slightly from roll to roll within a particular grade. Having a fixed outer diameter, rather than roll length, provides a more consistent product appearance and results in more stable skids for transport and warehousing.

Roll Width

A major variable for our customers in specifying the product that they need is roll width. We keep many standard widths of each product in stock but can make rolls of virtually any width (see our custom capabilities for more details).

Roll Length

We only specify approximate roll lengths of our rolls because we make our rolls to a particular outer diameter.

Thickness / Grade

Our most common measure of thickness / grade is basis weight. The basis weight of a product is the weight of a ream (500 sheets) of that paper. The basis weight directly corresponds to the thickness of the sheet but the conversion factor is not always the same. Please see our individual product descriptions for more details.

Roll Weight

The weight of our counter rolls are provided in the individual product descriptions. Roll weight can be an important factor for safety. Prevent injuries by being aware of how the product will be handled by personnel.