Linerboard Rolls

Linerboard Product Image
per Skid
15" 15 lbs. 96
18" 18 lbs. 96
24" 24 lbs. 64
30" 30 lbs. 32
36" 36 lbs. 32
48" 48 lbs. 32

Product Description

Linerboard is very thick virgin kraft that is often used for creating corrugated containers.


  • pallet liners
  • interleaving
  • slip sheets
  • wrapping and protecting large packages

Standard Rolls

Our standard linerboard rolls have an 8" outer diameter and a 3" inner diameter. Since most applications do not require a core our standard rolls do not have a core. However, we stock cores and can produce rolls with a core upon your request.

We only stock one grade of linerboard. The ream size used to measure the grade of linerboard is considerably different from that which is used for recycled kraft and virgin kraft. The grade of linerboard that we carry has a basis weight of 42 lb. which corresponds approximately to 120 lb. virgin kraft.

The table on the right shows the standard widths we offer along with their corresponding weights and the number of rolls that we put on a full skid.

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