MG Kraft Rolls

MG Kraft Product Image
per Skid
12" 12 lbs. 128
15" 15 lbs. 96
18" 18 lbs. 64
24" 24 lbs. 64
30" 30 lbs. 32
31" 31 lbs. 32
36" 36 lbs. 32
48" 48 lbs. 32
60" 60 lbs. 32
72" 72 lbs. 32

Product Description

Machine glazed (MG) kraft is very smooth virgin kraft with a shiny finish on one side. The paper has very few loose particles and a high tear strength. This makes MG kraft ideally suited for interleaving. We offer brown MG kraft as well as bleached MG kraft.


  • interleaving

Standard Rolls

Our standard brown MG kraft and bleached MG kraft rolls have a 7.25" outer diameter and a 3" inner diameter. Since most applications do not require a core our standard rolls do not have a core. However, we stock cores and can produce rolls with a core upon your request.

Both brown MG kraft and bleached MG kraft are available in several grades and sizes. The grade of MG kraft most commonly used has a basis weight of 30 lb. and we carry stock in many roll widths of this grade. We also stock some rolls in 25 lb. and 40 lb. basis weights.

The table on the right shows the standard widths we offer along with their corresponding weights and the number of rolls that we put on a full skid.

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